Meet the Guides: Ginger, The Ironwoman


Ginger Howell is a triathele. She's also a Gillian's Island character.

Ginger is working towards a goal of running a marathon on all seven continents.  So far, she has completed ones on North and South America, Europe, and Antarctica! In keeping with her Gilligan's Island themed name, all of Ginger's international marathons have been on islands: Iceland (Europe), Easter Island (technically, that counts as South America), and King George Island (Antarctica).

Ginger got interested in running during college - she was one of those Wellesley girls screaming at the half-way point of Boston! She has run the Boston Marathon the last five years and hopes to do it again in 2014.

In her spare time, Ginger is also a circus performer, and specializes in performing aerial hoop and fabrics while balancing a wine glass on her head. She can also walk a tight wire, spin fire, and hang by her hair. She is definitely someone you should keep an eye out for in Fanueil Hall! 


Meet the Guides: Shelly, The World Traveler


Where hasn't Shelly been? That's the real question!

Shelly loves to travel. She's been to Africa (Kenya, Egypt, and Tanzania), Europe, Canada, Mexico & Australia. She even started out on the West coast of the U.S. (she was born and raised in southern California) and has made her way to the East coast, where she is getting her Ph.D. at Boston College. She's met the Dalai Lama too! 

Shelly is a photographer. She's a foodie (she has the best restaurant recommendations), and she loves USC football - Go Trojans! 

So basically, aside from running, Shelly spends her time playing with koalas and other endanagered species, while visiting and photographing the seven wonders of the world! 


Meet the Guides: Brittany, The Cheerleader


Brittany yells. She screams. She shouts. 

It depends on the time of day, but she's doing so for our runners ("Here we go! Go team, go! Woohoo!"), she's doing it for her alma mater ("Go Gators!"), she's doing it for our guides ("OMG! Did you know that Steph came in 4th in her age group in that Tri?!"). She is an encourager and a great source of fun - I mean, just look at that photo! She always down for a themed run. Tutus, anoyone?

Brittany, or Britt as most everyone calls her, moved to Boston 3 years ago, but she still has Florida written all over her. She LOVES everything Disney (she's completed the Disney Princess Half Marathon twice & would probably wear a crown on every run if she could keep it on her head), she constantly craves time at the beach, and is the President-Elect of the New England Gator Club (she might actually bleed orange & blue). 

Brittany is also fluent in American Sign Language. Don't be surprised if she fingerspells her name when she introduces herself! 


Meet the Guides: Steph, The Savant


Steph is a wild woman. She does it all!

Steph turned 21 in March and she made a goal for herself: complete 21 races to celebrate 21 fabulous years of life! She's completed 5Ks, triathlons, 10-milers - really, the whole spectrum & is nearly halfway to her goal!

Steph also LOVES yoga! She practices it nearly every morning - Namaste! 

Steph is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and she has a photographic memory (lucky duck!). Eddie & Britt introduced her to Instagram this summer and she is already a trending sensation. That's right! You can find her by searching #withsteph.

After the summer is over, she will be headed back to UPenn to finish up her studies (she's a psych major), but don't worry, she'll be dropping in a few weekends for some EPIC FTRs! 



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The mysterious Copp's Hill black cat at the Old North Church. Meow!


FTR Guide Ginger talking about the awesome historical site that got torn down!


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